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Check List


+ Kitchen Cleaning

Steam cleaning of all surfaces furniture.
Steam cleaning of all cupboards inside/outside(shelves and doors).
Dispose all old food etc.
Steam cleaning of all drawers, cupboards and shelves.
Steam cleaning the sink, taps, remove lime scale and polish where required.
Degrease the wall tiles,clean and polish.
Oven steam cleaning, removing built-up grease.
Steam cleaning hobs, gas rings and gas control knobs.
Steam cleaning and remove grime from extractor and extractor grill.
Fridge steam cleaning in and out, rubber disinfection.
Steam cleaning washing machine in and out.
Steam cleaning dishwasher in and out.
Steam cleaning microwave inside and outside.
Steam cleaning exterior of all appliances including juice maker, kettle, toaster.
Empty and steam clean the rubbish bin, dispose all rubbish.
Vacuum and steam mop the floors, dust and wipe all skirting boards, clean light fixtures.
Cleaning windows, window sills, doors, frames and handles.
All surfaces, tiles, gaps and all the places difficult to be reached are cleaned using steam for disinfection

+ Bathroom cleaning

Shower glass de-scaled and steam cleaned.
Steam cleaning the wall tiles.
Steam cleaning bath, basin, taps, shower and fittings.
Shower head to be steam cleaned, de-scaled, dried and polished.
Steam cleaning and disinfection of the toilet.
All soap and shampoo holders to be steam cleaned.
All mirrors to be cleaned and polished.
Extractor fans Vacuum and wipe cleaned.
Floors to be steam cleaned and polished.

+ Bedrooms and other areas (lounge, hallway, stairs, etc.) cleaning:

Dusting everywhere including: light fittings and shades, light switches, skirting boards, wall pictures, mirrors, fire place, radiators, stairs, doors, furniture.
All furniture will be moved and vacuumed behind and underneath.
Remove cobwebs in every room, hallway, corridor.
All floors to be steam cleaned, scrubbed and polished.
All glass to be professinally cleaned.
Cleaning all internal windows and windows sills.
All doors, door frames and the top of doors to be cleaned.
Drawers and shelves to be cleared of any rubbish (newspapers and magazines etc.).
Upholstery fabrics vacuumed, all cushions lifted and cleaned underneath.
All wooden furniture to be dusted and polished.
All mattresses to be steam cleaned for complete disinfection (if it‘s booked).
All the surfaces, tile gaps and all the places difficult to be reached are cleaned using steam for disinfection

+ Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning

Profesional stains treanment (coffee, wine, oil, grease, etc.)
Shampoo* (optional, depending on the type of carpet)
Professional steam cleaning and complete disinfection