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Exterior and Patio Cleaning


Exterior and Patio Cleaning

Keeping the exterior of your house and the patio area

clean, nice and tidy is as important as the inside

maintenance of you house. Keeping this area in good

condition gives you the feeling of one very

presentable home.







Steam Power Excellence Ltd. is providing Exterior and Patio area cleaning services, as well as some basic

gardening services and rubbish removal. This is a great opportunity to bring your house to the very best not only

inside, but outside as well. All services can be split on the following groups:

Exterior and Patio Cleaning Exterior and Patio Cleaning Exterior and Patio Cleaning Exterior and Patio Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning:

Windows (incl. frames)
Decorative Components




Hard Surfaces Cleaning:

Patios and Driveways
Block Pavement
Fence Panels (Wooden, Brick)
Wooden Decking
Garden Ornaments

Conservatories and Sheds:

Windows (incl. frames)
Walls (Wooden, Plastic, Brick)





Grass Cutting
Trimming Edges,
Pathways, Driveways
Trimming/Removing Bushes
Yards/Gardens clearance
Waste Removal



Benefits from Exterior and Patio cleaning:


• Agencies and Private Landlords can have great success renting the house again
• Share houses and private customers can experience the great welcome look of their property
• Better look and personal satisfaction for you and your house
• Book the FULL range of services and recieve 10% Discount


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