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 Car Valet


Spending hours in your car going to and coming back from work,

travelling around the country or doing your daily base duties. All this

expoloitation of your car can make your foot mats and seats dirty in

a very short amount of time. Especially with kids in the car it is very

difficult to keep your seats clean and avoid unwanted tough stains.


Steam Power Excellence Ltd. is offering Professional Car Valeting

services with special steam cleaning machines, performing excellent

cleaning and disinfection for your car.

Car Valet Car Valet



Benefits from the Professional Car Valeting:

• Keeping your hygiene standards on top level
• Making your journey more comfortable and pleasant



Your car is as important as your house or office, spending huge amount

of time traveling every day, makes the inside of your car one of the top

priority places to be kept nice and clean. Try our professional services to

feel the difference and the comfort of your journey.


Car Valet Car Valet Car Valet Car Valet

Steam Fibric Cleaning


Reaching Difficult And

Narrow Places

Complete Disinfection


Professional Paint Protection


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