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Professional Complete Desinfection


It is very important to keep the hygiene in the house on a very high level.

That’s why Steam Power Excellence Ltd. is proud to offer an extremely

high efficient cleaning method with dry steam professional machines

which are giving complete disinfection, results and quality higher than the

regular cleaning methods with chemicals.

To allergy sufferers, vapour steam cleaning is the best and ideal.

The steam produced by vapour steam cleaner penetrates the pores of any

material being cleaned. Steam effectively kills dust mites, viruses, moulds,

and fungi which are common causes of allergy thus, freshens your homes



The benefits of the dry vapour steam cleaning are proven many times.

All of the bacteria, including endospores of C-diff, were completely

inactivated within 5 sec of treatment with dry steam vapour system,

based on a lab researches in the UK.



Professional Complete Desinfection

For kitchens
It can defrost fridge and freezers,

disinfecting them inside and

removing the unpleasant odours.

Vapour steam cleaning provides

total sanitation on kitchen utensils

and equipment and its surfaces as



Professional Complete Desinfection

For bathrooms
great advantage of vapour steam

cleaning is that even the deeply

rooted moulds and mildew in grout

can be eliminated. Clean and

sanitized bathrooms completely in

no time and reaches all gaps and

narrow spaces.



Professional Complete Desinfection

For veterinarians, pet breeders and owners
vapour steam cleaning provides instant deep cleaning and sanitation without using chemicals that can harm

animals. It can disinfect and clean pet litter boxes.


Vapour steam cleaning can clean and sanitized hard surfaces (like

counter-tops) to soft surfaces (like upholstery). It does not require buckets, mops,sponges or even emptying out

dirty water. It is an almost "mess free" way of cleaning.



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