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What is mould?

 A mould  is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae.Molds are a large and taxonomically diverse number of fungal species where the growth of hyphae results in discoloration

and a fuzzy appearance, especially on food.Molds cause biodegradation of natural materials, which can be unwanted when it becomes food spoilage or damage to property.

Some diseases of animals and humans can be caused by certain molds:disease may result from allergic sensitivity to mold spores,from growth of pathogenic molds within the body, or from the effects of ingested or inhaled toxic compounds (mycotoxins) produced by molds.

How does it happened and how to prevent it?

Damp and mould are caused mainly by poor ventilation that causes excessive moisture. Excess moisture indoors is result of condensation, which forms when the air inside cannot hold the moisture. Cooking, showering,drying clothes can cause this indoorsand less likely human breath.



The best way to prevent the excess moisture is:

  • while you are cooking, make sure the extraction fan is on and lid is placed on the saucepan
  • after you finis showering make sure you open the window of the bathroom and close the door of the room you are in
  •  try to dry your clothes outdoors as much as possible, or if it is not, tumble dryer is an option
  • Make sure you open the window in your bedroom for at least 15 min morning and evening to allow fresh air to come in.
  • Make sure your house is insulated properly and use you heating more

Why mould needs to be treated professionally?

 Occupants of damp or mouldy buildings are at increased risk of experiencing health problems such as respiratory symptoms, respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Some people are more sensitive to mould than others,and some groups are especially vulnerable.

Additional effort should be made to keep away from damp and mould babies and children, elderly people, those with existing skin problems, such as eczema, or respiratory problems,such as allergies and asthma.












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